SOAP Client not working under Xampp 1.6.7 on Vista

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SOAP Client not working under Xampp 1.6.7 on Vista

Postby brynp » 25. November 2008 03:55

I am getting "failed to load external entity" when initialising a soap client against a WSDL that is known to be working. This code works under Linux.

I'm told by others that they have never been able to get SOAP client working on a windows platform.

Is that correct ?

I have looked in php.ini and php5.ini, and found that the sectionextension=php_soap.dll is NOT commented out (active in both), and the file is present on the system. So it should be working right ?

Is there a way to get it working ?

Many Thanks,
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Postby Sharley » 26. November 2008 04:36

The php.ini file to check is always the one in the apache\bin folder.

Check in phpinfo() from http://localhost that SOAP is indeed included and also the Loaded Configuration File is the one in the apache\bin folder.

C:\xampp\php\pear\SOAP is included in XAMPP.

It should run in Windows environment as that is it's basic intension as a Simple Object Access Protocol.

Check and double check your paths are correct as this is often the main stumbling block with scripts that fail.

This post gives links to a forum that may be more help perhaps: ... 798#106798

If you do find you can get it working for your needs then a post back with how you did it so other members searching with similar issues could perhaps also benefit from your experiences and would be a great forum helper.
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Postby brynp » 26. November 2008 05:12

Many Thanks Sharley for your prompt response, it was very helpful.

I have established that SOAP is installed and operational using the phpinfo() utility.

I have also established that the exact same code that does not work under Vista/Xampp/Apache DOES work under Linux/PHP/Apache without alteration (I just copied the code up from my unit test environment to the staging server).

I have also established that the URL for the web service elicits as reponse via a WSDL on my browser.
About the only thing a bit unusual is that the call to the web service uses HTTPS, and I found it necessary to install a root certificate to have IE display the page without warning me.
Does PHP/Soap client use Internet Explorer/Vista's certificate store or do I have to somehow install the certificate to PHP as well ?
Anyway, I'll do as you suggest and run off and check that other forum.

Cheer and thanks again.
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