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Apache crashes immediately after starting

PostPosted: 21. November 2008 06:45
by mfmkhatri
I am new to the forum and to XAMPP. I installed the XAMPP server, but when I click on start, it immeditately crashes and I get a windows error message :

"Apache HTTP Server has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

AppName: apache.exe AppVer: ModName: libapr-1.dll
ModVer: Offset: 00006a43

Please help, I am confused,
my laptop runs windows xp pro sp2.

PostPosted: 21. November 2008 21:30
by Sharley
Try starting Apache using the .\xampp\apache_start.bat file as it may produce a more informative error message - paste it here if you don't understand the error message.

Also check out the .\xampp\apache\logs\error.log file at about the date and time you tried to start Apache, for possible clues.

PostPosted: 21. November 2008 21:54
by mfmkhatri
actually I did try to do that, it gives a message "starting apache" and then pops up the error reporting window.

But I am now using wamp server and it runs fine...

PostPosted: 24. November 2008 08:42
by deadweasel
I too am having this issue, immediately after upgrading to the latest XAMPP package. All other servers (MySQL, Filezilla) run without issues or complaints.

I am running WinXP Pro SP2.

The previous version ran just fine, without issues on port 8080. I checked the httpd.conf file to be sure it hadn't been overwritten, and that was not a problem. I deleted the file and tried again: same error in the log:

[Mon Nov 24 00:25:32 2008] [warn] pid file C:/xampp/apache/logs/ overwritten -- Unclean shutdown of previous Apache run?

Apache will not start as a service, nor by manual start. Is this a bug, or is there a super secret step that I overlooked during the upgrade process. I made the assumption that using the upgrade installer would be an automated process, and did not see anything on the site about any special steps required to avoid this issue. What can I do?

PostPosted: 24. November 2008 21:03
by mfmkhatri
As I already wrote, I am using wamp, unless you are very obliged to use xampp, I suggest you try wamp, its got more options too.

PostPosted: 24. November 2008 23:35
by deadweasel
As there also seems to be some kind of issue with FileZilla as well at this point, it looks like I will be taking your advice. It's going to mean a boatload of configuration all over again, but if it will work, then it will be worth it! Shame to have to switch, though. I've been using this package for a long time.

Thanks for the suggestion. WAMP certainly looks interesting. With any luck it'll resolve a few other minor nags I've had, as well! :)

PostPosted: 25. November 2008 06:23
by mfmkhatri
By the way, I have vista ultimate on the same laptop, but in xp pro during automatic update, the computer was running sp3 update and nothing happened for one whole day :evil: then I had to force shut down, then I could not reboot, so I think there's a lot of issues with this automatic update feature or sp3 or xp itself.
but no choice... :(
on vista xampp runs smooth but most of my programs are on xp, so it will be a big project to move to vista just for xampp, its not worth it...

PostPosted: 25. November 2008 17:53
by deadweasel
Just experimenting with WAMP, and still trying to do post-mortem on XAMPP. I think I have isolated the cause of the problem.

Just playing around, I copied my httpd.conf from the XAMPP install of Apache to the WAMP one. Previous to this, Apache ran fine. AFTER the copy, though, Apache went right back to crashing out hardcore once more!!

The problem is somewhere within the config file that the newer version of Apache does not like! I'll play around with individual changes that I made to see which one is the culprit. More to come.