hi friends i am using xampp on windows

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hi friends i am using xampp on windows

Postby arslan220 » 19. November 2008 17:06

hi friends i am using xampp on windows and i have made a simple php file with echo statement i am new to php and was learning php so i made a file and placed it in the htdocs folder and then in the xampp folder when i start the local host the php files are working fine of that of xampp such as the demo scripts and etc but when i run my own file from local host it doesnot works and the text doesnot echo please help me the code is

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<?php echo "hello my text";?>
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Postby LooseCannon » 19. November 2008 17:47

Hello and welcome arslan220.

I've upset some posters before, but I feel I must persist and although I fear I appear like the grammar police. I would just like to help you and to do that, in the limited time I have, I must understand you. I'd do that much better and faster if you used some sentences and punctuation. Please. :)

Now, regarding your problem, what are you doing to try to "run my own file"? Maybe entering an address in a browser? What address?
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Postby glitzi85 » 19. November 2008 18:35

Guessing you get an 404 Error in your Browser, you must do this:

Open an Explorer Window (NOT Internet Explorer), select from the Menu Tools -> Folder Options, then switch to the Tab "View" and deselect in the List the point "Hide extensions from known file types".

Then look again on your file, maybe it is named filename.php.txt, remove the .txt extension and try again.

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