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Website, connection lost/blank page/images wont load

PostPosted: 18. November 2008 23:18
by Elox
Hi there!

I'm currently hosting a website for a game server.

The website isn't working properly.
Sometimes the site seems to lose connection, all images wont always load/blank page and such.

I had it working fine on my old computer, but now when I bought a newer one (XP 64-bit system) it hasn't been working properly.

All the PORTS on my computer/router are open.
I've tried re-opening all ports and tried using both XAMPP and XAMPPlite. (Also just tried re-installing)

So could anyone please help me fix this? :)

PostPosted: 18. November 2008 23:40
by Sharley
AFAIR, I read somewhere on these forums that MySQL is not 64 bit compatible but that the rest of XAMPP may well be - so check at the MySQL web site for perhaps more authoritative info or even a Google.

My guess would be that a game site would be database intensive.

PostPosted: 18. November 2008 23:54
by Elox
Well it's only the website that's is acting strange.

The game server is using MYSQL as database and the server works fine. (Storing players characters, accounts, items, other objects from the)
And alot of other people hosting the same game with XAMPP using 64bit, and it seems to work fine for them. :O

PostPosted: 19. November 2008 00:38
by Sharley

PostPosted: 19. November 2008 02:05
by Elox
Tried it, nothing changed.
Still getting blank page/lose connection/images does not always load.

It worked! Forgot to reboot the server :)

Thank you very much! :P