PHPMYADMIN error in XAMPP for windows

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PHPMYADMIN error in XAMPP for windows

Postby sajiby3k » 18. November 2008 14:48

I am very new to php and mysql. I have installed XAMPP with default option in windows. Everything is working fine php, perl etc.

But i can't access phpmyadmin. When I click phpmyadmin link in the xampp page, i got the following error - Fatal error: Call to undefined function pma_getenv() in C:\xampp\phpMyAdmin\libraries\ on line 143". And this error shows up when I try to access the phpmyadmin via opera or firefox browser. But if I try it with Internet Explorer just a blank window comes. Nothing happens.

Pls help to up and run phpmyadmin.
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Postby Sharley » 18. November 2008 23:49

phpMyAdmin and all things in XAMPP should work "out of the box" as this is essentially the intentions of the XAMPP developers.

If it helps I have searched around for a direct answer or fix for that error message but came up blank, so perhaps it may still point to an XAMPP install issue.

Did you set a password for the MySQL\phpMyAdmin user root in the Security page?

Make sure Apache and MySQL are running.

Try this and see if it gets rid of the error message:
1. Click on the Security link in the left column menu on the Welcome Page.
2. Click on the http://localhost/security/xamppsecurity.php link - there may be a delay while it loads.
3. Type in a password and repeat the password for the root user.
4. Make sure Cookie is selected (easier to repeatedly login using a cookie).
5. Click on Password Changing.

Now try phpMyAdmin again - you may have to restart Apache and MySQL - then enter root for user and the password you just set, if you get to the login screen that is.

If that does not work then you may have a corrupted install perhaps, so the best thing to do first would be to completely uninstall XAMPP and then delete the xampp folder...

...make sure all XAMPP components are stopped and if running as a service make sure that the services are uninstalled including the XAMPP Control Panel, often overlooked - then it is safe to delete the xampp folder.

Now install XAMPP again but may I suggest you download a fresh copy in case the download was corrupt for some reason - personally I prefer using a 7zip archive version and install it manually by extracting the archive to say C:\ or E:\ etc. as per the ApacheFriends web site - you may then have to run the setup_xampp.bat file to have your paths in XAMPP set correctly.
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Re: PHPMYADMIN error in XAMPP for windows

Postby RiRL » 28. September 2010 06:23

Rather than the other suggestions, if you have this problem try this:
1) Stop MySQL and Apache from the XAMPP control panel
2) Depending on your platform go to the temp directory (/tmp or d:\xampp\temp; d is the drive where you installed XAMPP).
3) Delete every file you see there.
4) Restart MySQL and Apache -- it should be working now.
This seems to have something to do with sessions, which are (by default) kept in the temporary directory.

PS -- I also reset the MySQL root password, using the security panel, but used the same value.
Not sure this had any effect.
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