XAMPP PHP/Java bridge integeration

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XAMPP PHP/Java bridge integeration

Postby coolers16 » 13. November 2008 02:38


Can anyone please point me to the exact steps on how to integrate the java/php bridge in XAMPP? I basically want to call java from PHP and I have achieved the following with Tomcat with the following below article.


But, with XAMPP, I tried doing the similar but was not able to achieve it. Could someone please point me to the steps to integrate the php/java integration in XAMPP?

Thanks and appreciate your help.

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Postby Sharley » 13. November 2008 03:21

Did you uncomment this line in the .\xampp\apache\bin\php.ini file, which may help:
Save the file then restart Apache.

Also this post in this informative thread may help:
http://community.apachefriends.org/f/viewtopi ... ht=#111992
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Postby coolers16 » 13. November 2008 06:12

I have taken a look into the article mentioned below.

Now the question is, we can have the PHP/Java integrated with the following options.

a) BY Apache only
b) Apache + Tomcat add on.
c) Tomcat only ( this works fine)

I wanted to achieve the integration with Apache only ( I mean with AMP stack). So, if I uncomment the line you mentioned. It does not work.

I am confused with the configuration steps:

a) I could not find an article which is clearly documented.

b) Secondly, once we download the windows-php-java-bridge_3.2.1_j2ee.zip. After extracting the zip. What files do I copy and to where. Is there any article which explains the process?

If you have done this integration, can you please share your experience and the necessary steps to achieve this?

Thanks a lot and appreciate your help.

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