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Postby jay2427 » 10. November 2008 11:43

ok i am totally new to this so please bare with me.

i set up xampp i can access it from the net.
i want to use drupal but i need to get mercury set up so it can send mail to activate user accounts.
i am using my home pc and i use a router.
i already set up the router to open the correct ports but cant find the documentation to set up mercury. well that i can follow anyway .

please help. thanks

i just tried to send mail out from file send mail
to my email and it says error in the smtp box
how do i config mercury?
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Postby glitzi85 » 10. November 2008 14:14

In this case i wouldn't use Mercury, just configure Sendmail for Windows.

Open the file xampp\sendmail\sendmail.ini and change this options (if there is an ; in front of the line remove it):

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smtp_server=Server Name of your Mailprovider
auth_username=Username for your Mailbox
auth_password=Password for your Mailbox
force_sender=Your E-Mail Adress

Then save the file and edit this file: xampp\apache\bin\php.ini and do the following:

Search for [mail function] (including the brackets!), then change this options:

comment out this two lines (put an ; in front of the line):

Code: Select all
SMTP = ... --> ;SMTP = ...
smtp_port = xx --> ;smtp_port = xx

then uncomment this two lines (remove the ; ) and put in this values:

Code: Select all
sendmail_from = Your Mail Adress
sendmail_path = "C:\xampp\sendmail\sendmail.exe -t"

Replace the Path in sendmail_path with your real xampp installation path!

Then save this file, restart Apache and you should be able to send mails with the php mail function.

If it does not work, please post the exact error message coming up in the Browser and the content of the debug.log created in the sendmail folder. If there is no error message in the browser, use the first example from here: and try it in a new PHP file. Then you should get and error message.

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Postby jay2427 » 10. November 2008 14:55

hey thanks man i will save this info

i actually got my site to send mail using phpmailer

but may need to change it at a later date to receive mail

thanks again
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Re: mercury

Postby madmax765 » 28. December 2008 01:57

Cool this is what i been needing. but i still getting a error, but lest not on web page now, but in log file

08/12/27 19:45:25 ** To:
08/12/27 19:45:25 ** Subject: Testing
08/12/27 19:45:25 ** From:
08/12/27 19:45:25 **
08/12/27 19:45:25 **
08/12/27 19:45:25 ** name: madman
08/12/27 19:45:25 ** message: redrum
08/12/27 19:45:25 **
08/12/27 19:45:25 ** sent from: http://##############################
08/12/27 19:45:25 ** --- MESSAGE END ---
08/12/27 19:45:25 ** Connecting to
08/12/27 19:45:25 ** Connected.
08/12/27 19:45:45 ** Disconnected.
08/12/27 19:45:45 ** Disconnected.
08/12/27 19:45:45 ** Disconnected.
08/12/27 19:45:45 ** Socket Error # 10054<EOL>Connection reset by peer.

ok never mind i got it. WAHOO but i dont under stand i had it set for port 465 in witch is what my emails settings are, But i seen a post on same thing so i change it back to port 25 and it works, Why i don't know, for learning reasions. can some one exlpmnae why it did not work for port 465 ? Anyway thanks guys :)

Well half way fixed,i can now get mails from my contack page on web site, but cant seem to get my phphp 3 forum email to work yet
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