cannot acces localhost or

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cannot acces localhost or

Postby thirdeie » 09. November 2008 11:08

cannot acces localhost or
i did it on a desktop comp, but on a notebook, doesnt work
i can acces my htdocs only through an ip from ipconfig in cmd
any idea?
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Postby glitzi85 » 10. November 2008 14:40

Could you please post again using understandable sentences?
What do you mean with htdocs, ipconfig and cmd? That doesn't make any sense.

How did you install XAMPP?
Where did you install XAMPP?
Do you have any Firewalls running?
How did you start Apache?
What error message do you get (exactly!)?

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Postby thirdeie » 10. November 2008 14:44

1.xampp from
2.i did it for a long period of time on lots of desktops and it worked
3.1st time i did it on my notebook: HP530= not allowed to access localhost or
4.firewall disable error but doesnt show me the page
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