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how to get work pear on xampp?

PostPosted: 09. November 2008 09:58
by deroccha

So I'm trying to install pear on xampp but I'm failing in problems. As I use to cammand go-pear I get the message thta php_pgsql.php is not enabled and mmap cache can't open phar..... I checkd all my php.ini and seems allright. I would like use xmlQuery2.

If anybody has faced the same problem and get threw. Please help


PostPosted: 09. November 2008 14:06
by Wiedmann
So I'm trying to install pear on xampp

Is PEAR not part of the XAMPP package?

PostPosted: 09. November 2008 20:14
by deroccha
Yes is part of xampp, but is not installed. Reading the forum I get know about this. So you have to run go-pear.bat to get installed on your localhost. And here my problems are coming.