XAMPP Won't Complete Installation

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XAMPP Won't Complete Installation

Postby SABouffard » 08. November 2008 00:35

I am attempting to install XAMPP on Windows XP Version 5.1. The installation completes but when I click finish it just hangs up. I can't get out of the installation screen. Other processes on the computer are working. When I use the windows task manager to end the process, it does says that the program is not responding and I can exit out of it. I can't bring up the local host so obviously something has gone wrong. Any suggestions on how I proceed from here (yes I did install the windows version of XAMPP). Thanks in advance for any assistance!
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Postby Sharley » 08. November 2008 01:37

Is there any indication in the Windows event log?
start>Administration tools>Event viewer>Application

If the Installation version is giving too many hassles simply download and install using either the 7Zip or the zip version, into say C:\xampp - 7Zip is my preferred install version as I have more control over it and it is somewhat smaller in size (less bandwidth).
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Postby SABouffard » 08. November 2008 02:03

I didn't know about the event log but I will check that. I will try the 7Zip or zip version to see if that makes a difference. I have also checked the ports and there doesn't seem to be any conflicts there. I don't have Windows Internet Service installed nor any firewalls. So, I'll just try the other install process. Hopefully that will work!! Thanks so much for responding! I appreciate the support! I am a total neophyte so I don't always know where to look next when I have a problem.
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