Perl Addon Installation Problem

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Perl Addon Installation Problem

Postby robertlankford » 07. November 2008 14:57

I've got the latest Xampp on my server. It's been up and running for years. Lots of upgrades. I'm at version 1.6.8 at the moment. I use PHP, MySQL, and Apache ... all good stuff.

I'd like to add Perl to the mix. I see that there is a per addon that I can download and install. So, I downloaded "xampp-win32-perl-addon-5.10.0-2.2.9-pl2-installer.exe" and ran it. I get this message:

Sorry, but no upgrade possible with your old Add-On (Perl version 510000101)!

This tells me two things:

1) I cannot run the add-on installer. Why not? What can I do?

2) I already have some version of perl installed?? If so, how do I activate it?

It goes without saying that I want to add in perl functionality without compromising anything else on the server. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Postby Sharley » 07. November 2008 21:44

Try using the 7Zip version and follow the install instructions in the readme-addon-perl.txt file included or preferably the one on the XAMPP page you download from, especially the point about running the setup_xampp.bat file twice - this is the method I use and it has not failed me yet (touch wood).

BTW having another instance of Perl on your PC should not effect the one you install in XAMPP as all your perl scripts will have the path to perl you specify in the Shebang line (first line of the script) - it would appear that the installer version may be checking out things that it really knows nothing about being a dumb old MS object. ;)
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