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Simply cannot get Apache in a "running" mode

PostPosted: 05. November 2008 19:46
by falangoodman
In XAMPP control panel, it simply will not allow Apache to be in a "Running" mode. Status lines keep saying "Busy' and Running -- but it isn't. I have remove firewalls, virus checking, McAfee etc and still can't get it running. Mentions port 80. I have taken off "Svc" checks and back on. No difference. I can stop/start MySQL -- no problem . It;s just Apache that I can't get "running".

As an aside, this is installed on a freestanding laptop -- no internet connections at all. The browser installed is FireFox.

HELP....Al Goodman

PostPosted: 05. November 2008 23:30
by Sharley
A couple of things to try:
1. Run .\xampp\xampp-portcheck.exe to see if port 80 is Free - make sure that all XAMPP components are stopped (or uninstalled as a service .\xampp\apache\apache_uninstallservice_2.2.bat) before running the exe.

2. Try and start Apache using the .\xampp\apache_start.bat file as this will return an error message with, hopefully, some clues - also read the .\xampp\apache\logs\error.log file for, perhaps, more clues.