Web animations and complex GUI`s with perl?

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Web animations and complex GUI`s with perl?

Postby Rukia2008 » 03. November 2008 18:22


I was just looking for some advice from more experienced programmers. I have read that Perl is capable of advanced GUI`s, web animation, animation in general , and games like with silverlight or flash. The three main things that state they can achieve this are SDL, GTK and TK. I go into command prompt type a line and they download? Then I do the appropriate thing with the apache mod I also need? Do any of these tools come with Xampp::Perl? Also any reccomendations on good programs, books and tutorials for achieving this would be appreciated.

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Postby Sharley » 03. November 2008 23:34

XAMPP has used ActiveState's ActivePerl in it's Addon which is a full perl release for the Windows OS - even though it says (no ActivePerl) on the Addon Page below, when I check the perl.exe binary file included in the latest Addon I still see that the latest release (Active Perl Build 1003 [285500]) is indeed ActiveState's ActivePerl and even carries the ActivePerl file icon in Windows Explorer.

The modules can be found on this page that are included in the Addon:
http://www.apachefriends.org/winxampp/p ... inside.txt

For more details visit the ActivePerl web site as you will, more than likely, receive more authoritative results than in here.

Forums and probably all your perl questions answered in these links:
http://www.activestate.com/support_reso ... ndex.mhtml

http://learn.perl.org - Books etc.
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