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Help! XAMPP Is Showing my /Hosted/Account Folder...

PostPosted: 02. November 2008 15:11
by Tronic
Help! XAMPP Is Showing my /Hosted/Account Folder. I Have ZPanel installed and i Set up a User's Account, but i Had to Restart the web server. When the Apache Started up, i went to http://localhost and it showed my /Hosted/Account Folder. I Cannot access the Control Panel anymore (/cp) or even Access the XAMPP Control Panel anymore (/xampp)

I Can Access Everything Via https:// but not http://

Please Test it:
Fatality's URL:
It Worked Before....
Is it because my IP Keeps Changing?

I Can Access htdocs and all my Files are there (C:\xampp\htdocs)
But it Redirects to (C:\xampp\htdocs\cp\Hosted\Fatality)

Im Using Windows 2003 Small Business Edition.
I Have Restarted Apache over 10 Times. No Luck
I Have Restarted my PC Over 5 Times. No Luck
I Have Apache,MySQL,FileZilla and Mercury Running

Please Help.

PostPosted: 02. November 2008 16:09
by Tronic
Im going to Reinstall and look for a New Control Panel...

Im Hoping that, it will fix it!

PostPosted: 02. November 2008 16:33
by Tronic
I'm Going to use ZPanel again. But Run Tests...

I Will Post my php and my http Config files.

This is a Issue that needs to be fixed very fast.