how to set a computer as a server in LAN network?

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how to set a computer as a server in LAN network?

Postby azan » 02. November 2008 08:18

hey guys!.

I already set up a database using xampp, now im trying to connect the pc (with xampp installed) with few pc using switch of 4 ports.

I try to type the server ip address like this another pc.....but the page returns "too long for response"...but i already connect all the PCs via switch of 4 ports....

do i need to setup/ key in the ip address of the server in the router??

im really bad at network configuration...huhuh

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Postby Kristian Marcroft » 02. November 2008 12:38


please check your network configuration regarding IPs.

If your server has the IP for it to stay easy, all other clients in your LAN should have IPs like 192.168.1.X.

Once setup try pinging your server from your clients. To do so, open a cmd window and type: "ping" (without the quotes). You should receive a reply from your server.

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