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mod_auth_mysql, apache 2.2, windows ( xampp)

PostPosted: 31. October 2008 07:45
by PC_Nerd

I've spent ages trawling through internet pages about mod_auth_mysql... and have gathered the following...

To get it installed for my apache version ( 2.2.9) I need to compile it myself. However I'm wondering if anyone else out there has compiled it themselves and has the .so file for it.... or if there is a source I can get it from. The standard download that has the .so only has it for the 2.0.x versions i believe so It says that teh .so is "garbled."

Can anyone suggest a method for getting mod_auth_mysql installed on an apache2.2.9 server?


PostPosted: 31. October 2008 08:18
by Sharley
I've spent ages trawling through internet pages about mod_auth_mysql... and have gathered the following...

Perhaps you should have called in here first. ;)

In your .\xampp\apache\conf\httpd.conf file round about line 132 or so you may see this:
#LoadModule mysql_auth_module modules/

Simply uncomment that line so it looks like this:
LoadModule mysql_auth_module modules/

You will find the file here:

Always restart Apache after making changes in the httpd.conf file and make a backup before editing in case of typos or you want to revert to the original file.

Don't be tempted to uncomment all the modules or you may have drastic issues.
Only uncomment the modules one at a time that you may require then test the module before uncommenting another one.

PostPosted: 01. November 2008 14:41
by PC_Nerd

For me its line 130 - and I'm aware of having to enable the module. at the moment its commented out - but when its enabled apache ( only when started manually through command line) that hte module is garbled.

Thanks though.

*** Edit: Im running XAMPP 1.6.8 - just updated. ** I also downloaded the .zip of 1.6.8 to see if it had the .so in it and it doesnt come as part of the default installation.

PostPosted: 01. November 2008 21:58
by Sharley
Having always installed the archive versions of XAMPP from way back (except of course when there is a major upgrade that requires a fresh install) all I do is use the archive upgrade files which just overwrite old files but do not delete deprecated files - so I do have mod_auth_mysql still in place in my 1.6.8 version and thats why I posted the above reply.

So in researching this issue, but with limited time, I noticed that there may be commercial/license issues with this mod, details though are a bit sketchy.

In the XAMPP 1.6.8 readme_en.txt file I noticed this little gem...
(2) To use the experimental version of mod_auth_mysql remove the # in the httpd.conf. Detailed information about this topic can be found on the left menu of XAMPP, once you started it.
...but I am unable to find any detailed topic info in the left menu of the XAMPP page, though it clearly states that it is experimental so there may be issues as you so aptly pointed out.

I have read about there being mod_auth_mysql replacements, but did not have the time to investigate further, I came across and did read all of this article though, which you may also have read, that may or may not help your case.
Apache and MySQL Authentication

Perhaps other forum members may have some experiences and info to share with us - also if you do find an acceptable solution you too may be willing to share it with the community and post it back here.

Good luck with it.

Re: mod_auth_mysql, apache 2.2, windows ( xampp)

PostPosted: 10. January 2009 03:48
by Izzy
Jasin has come up with a compromise for the missing module in recent versions of XAMPP.
Thanks Jasin.