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Custom XAMMP Install

Postby mjc » 29. October 2008 20:58

I was wondering if there was a way to build a XAMMP install that was custom to the version of Apache httpd, PHP and MySQL that we use. We're currently developing on slightly older versions

Apache 2.0.63
MySQL 4.1.22
PHP 4.3.2

With a three environments to keep in sync with development, migrating to a newer version is always balanced with the benifits. As we move to newer versions it is highly likely that we will not always be in sync with the exact versions that XAMMP has.

Thanks in advacne,

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Postby Sharley » 29. October 2008 23:56

FWIW, I have never known a Forum Poll make the slightest bit of difference or even be noticed by those responsible for the development of XAMPP - there have been many polls over time to compile such statistics and my comment.

SourceForge XAMPP For Windows Archive

However, your choice is either to use a pre-compiled server suite like XAMPP or download and install the separate individual components that usually make up those suites - all are readily available on the Internet with adequate instructions with many articles by experienced people who have 'been there, done that'.
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Postby mjc » 30. October 2008 13:35

Thanks, FWIW, : - ) the poll was just something I did for the heck of it.

As for installing them individually, thats exactly what I was orginally proposing with in our orginaization, but some of the developers are dead set on using the XAMPP install. I think unless I can find an install that uses our exact versions we will install things piece meal.

Thank you for your feedback on this. Being a Java developer, Designer and architect PHP is a new environment for me.
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Postby mjc » 30. October 2008 13:41

Is there any way to know what versions of each of the environment stack are in each release of XAMPP? There certainly are a number of previous versions, but no easy way to tell what version of PHP/Apache/MySQL are in each.
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Postby Wiedmann » 30. October 2008 13:48

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