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Hello Need Help

Postby Danwer » 26. October 2008 13:13

Hello i want to install ffmpeg and perl on xampp.. but i am noob in these things..
so can anyone Help me ? in installing these two things on windows xp..
and where can i find these :( please.. tell me step wise..
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Postby Sharley » 26. October 2008 13:51

The full Perl Addon can be found here:

The installation is simple and instruction can be found here:
http://www.apachefriends.org/winxampp/r ... n-perl.txt

ffmpeg is a different beast and is not included in XAMPP.

I have no use for it but there is lots of info to be found when doing a Google search.

What are you using ffmpeg for - an image Gallery perhaps?

Here is some info from my personal knowledge database on ffmpeg, you will have to sort out what you may need from it and be aware that some of the links may not still be viable.
In XAMPP you will have more chance of Apache executing a binary file if it is contained in the .\xampp\apache\bin directory.

However you can download a pre compiled Windows binary executable file from any of these links:

Other useful links (remember that FFmpeg is primarily for Linux breeds and so some of the links provided in here may only relate to the Linux OS):
http://arrozcru.no-ip.org/ffmpeg_wiki/t ... page=Links

There is also a GUI for FFmpeg - download and info can be found here:

Here is a Google for ffmpeg php extension dll

Unpack the pre-compiled Windows binary ffmpeg.exe file into a directory called ffmpeg in your apache\bin directory.

Then configure your scripts - in Gallery2 for example - to know where the ffmpeg.exe file is located.

That should keep you busy for a while :)
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Postby Danwer » 26. October 2008 14:15

Thanks a lot Buddy i want to run video hosting.. for that i need ffmpeg.. and perl for running .cgi scripts..
i will tell you if i will face any difficulty..

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