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Help Going online

Postby LDSJonesE » 23. October 2008 21:46

Hey, I'm new at this, and was wondering if any of you new how to go online/ Create A URl for the website. Any help would be apreciated:)
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Postby x-files » 24. October 2008 03:40

To go Online, you first need to open port 80 (HTTP _ HyperText Transfer Protocol). Furthermore, if you wish to use FTP feature, you also need to open port 21 (FTP - File Transfer Protocol) and for Mail feature you need to open port 25 (SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). For any or all of them, your ISP should give you indications about the "HowTo"...

Once you got this set, you'll need to get a URL. I guess this is your first attempt to get a Site Online, thus why pay to experiment? You can get a URL for free from No-IP:
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1- You register an Email Address and use a password.
2- You choose a SubDomain Name from No-IP.
3- You download and install No-IP DUC
4- Launch No-IP DUC and enter the Email ddress/Password you used to register ... the program will show you the SubDomain Name(s) you have chosen ; you simply check a box next to the name to enable it.

When someone uses the URL, they'll be sent to No-IP's DNS (Domain Name Server) and will get redirected to you in lesser then no time. 8)

For a demonstration, try mine:
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It is my little Freewares Site. The idea is only to show you how the No-IP redirector works. :wink:
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