Apache won't start

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Apache won't start

Postby captain_torche » 23. October 2008 13:52

Hello everybody,
I'm trying to make XAMPP work on my computer (XP SP2, up-to-date with last Windows fixes), but I'm experiencing a little problem :

As for some of the members here, Apache starts then stops automatically.
The only message I have in the apache/logs/error.log file is :
[Thu Oct 23 14:24:26 2008] [warn] pid file C:/xampp/apache/logs/httpd.pid overwritten -- Unclean shutdown of previous Apache run?

I tried several installations : with the installer, with the .zip file, with Apache and MySQL as services, without them as services... It still doesn't work.
I checked the ports with the "xampp-portcheck.exe" file, and all are free.

I think it's not an issue of XAMPP, but a Windows one : When Apache is installed as a service, the service itself won't start when I ask for it.
I've got an error message which says (in French) :
Windows n'a pas pu démarrer le Apache 2.2 sur Ordinateur local

That could be translated to :
Windows couldn't start Apache 2.2 on Local computer

While Apache isn't installed as a service, the "apache_installservice.bat" says :
Installing Apache2.2 as an Service
Installing the Apache2.2 service
The Apache2.2 service is successfully installed.
Testing httpd.conf....
Errors reported here must be corrected before the service can be started.
Now we Start Apache2.2 :)
Le service Apache2.2 démarre.
Le service Apache2.2 n'a pas pu être lancé.
Une erreur spécifique à un service s'est produite : 1.
Vous obtiendrez une aide supplémentaire en entrant NET HELPMSG 3547.

The three last lines could be translated like this :
Apache2.2 service starting.
Apache 2.2 service couldn't be started.
A service specific error happened : 1
You can have more help by typing NET HELPMSG 3547.

Thanks for any help which could be useful !
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Postby Wiedmann » 23. October 2008 14:08

Apache2.2 service starting.
Apache 2.2 service couldn't be started.
A service specific error happened : 1

In the Windows event logs you can read more about this.

What happens if you start Apache with the batchfiles?
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