DOKEOS 1.8.5 and XAMPP -- BUG

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DOKEOS 1.8.5 and XAMPP -- BUG

Postby irvinehooi » 23. October 2008 08:22

Hi recently I've installed latest version of XAMPP 1.6.8 and found out that it was not compatible with my e-learning platform which is DOKEOS 1.8.5

I try to remove the current version of the XAMPP and then reinstall back the XAMPP 1.6.6 and it works perfectly.

apparently if I user XAMPP 1.6.8 with DOKEOS 1.8.5 it will sure give me an error message when user try to import learning path.

Code: Select all
Fatal error: Call to undefined method domdocument::load() in K:\xampp\htdocs\lms\main\newscorm\scorm.class.php on line 211

And also when user want to export the learning path, it will gives the error message shown below.

Code: Select all
atal error: Call to undefined method domdocument::createElement() in K:\xampp\htdocs\lms\main\newscorm\learnpath.class.php on line 7529

I hope that the future release of XAMPP will solve this problem.

Thank you.
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