MySql will not start

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MySql will not start

Postby groovyd » 17. October 2008 04:40

After a fresh install of XAMPP everything works fine... then for some reason after running it for some weeks for some reason the Mysql component will no longer be running and if I try to start it using the control it stops itself immediately. If i try to start it by command line batch file mysql_start then it says...

[ERROR: Cannot open and lock privledge tables: File '.\mysql\host.MYD' not found...

Ofcourse I have checked and indeed that file does not exist. Has something removed it?

The only way I know to get it to work again is to uninstall XAMPP and reinstall. This seems to happen every couple weeks and is getting really annoying. Any thoughts?
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Postby Sharley » 17. October 2008 11:29

In my XAMPP 1.6.8 installation the file host.MYD is found in 2 locations:

This file host.MYD is part of a trilogy of files:
host MYI

Each *.MYD file is part of a trilogy of files.

The host.MYD file is a zero length file.

You may have a disk clean up utility running to a schedule that deletes zero length files and so will delete this host.MYD file and possibly other zero length files that may or may not be needed in the XAMPP installation folder.

Have your clean up utility exclude all files in the XAMPP installation folder.

There at least 197 *.MYD zero length files that may also have been deleted plus there may be many more zero length files in the XAMPP installation that have needlessly been deleted by the cleanup utility.

In my XAMPP installation directory there are 987 zero length files.

You can download the zip file version of XAMPP and copy over the missing file(s) from the archive, to save you having to reinstall XAMPP every time you notice a file is missing.

For a missing host.MYD file you can also create it in a text editor but make sure it is a zero length file and name it exactly host.MYD <- uppercase - as case is important in all things XAMPP.
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I think you got it

Postby groovyd » 17. October 2008 14:44

Thanks alot, problem solved!
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