XAMPP Mysql admini says driver 3.5 not found, Windows Busin

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XAMPP Mysql admini says driver 3.5 not found, Windows Busin

Postby jlrough » 10. October 2008 22:47

I recently installed XAMPP for local testing. I used phpAdmin and
created a table and it seemed to work yesterday. Today I tried to
access MysQL from the command line. It didn't seem to work. I got
some cryptic notice. In fact I thought I had a bug becuase I kept
getting the message " Access violation at address 10009FB0 in module
'LIBMYSWL.dll'. Read of address 00000000. It also asked me for the password and user name for the Win 32 Admin tool.

I noticed that when I click start MySQL admin on the XAMPP control
box it says driver 3.5 not found. It can't start even mysql though
yesterday it started. The Mysql admin box is greayed out.

What is the driver 3.5 and can I install it and will everything work?
I don't even know if you can access mysql from the command line with
XAMPP? I just got a Microsoft message that said click uninstall to
uninstall the service.javascript:emoticon(':?:')

This is on Vista Buisness version. Could that be a problem? Now it
said running after I clicked it to start then I opened the control
panel saw the message about the driver then I got the criptic message
again from Windows and the mysql service stopped.

I am getting an even more bother some message. IT says Win 32 admin tool stopped working. This message pops up. I don't know if it is some tool from XAMPP? I guess the Win 32 admin tool of mysql isn't working without the driver? Is there a problem with the version of Xampp?
I noticed it is compatible with
Windows Vista. I assumed it works with Windows Business but maybe that is not the case?
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