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CGI Weirdness

Postby wausaubill » 10. October 2008 22:32

Hi Everyone,

I have installed XAMPP on a Windows XP machine strictly for local development (I am taking several classes) but I am having a weird thing that, so far no one can help with. So, now I am accessing the best minds in the world -- yours!

When I run perl cgi scripts, they run twice. I get two sets of output. These are not rocket science scripts, just "hello world" and the like. I have checked to see if IIS is running and it is not. I did have perl installed as a standalone, but I deleted that, leaving only the version that comes with XAMPP.

ASP and PHP scripts that came with XAMPP run fine -- and before you ask the cgi scripts that came with XAMPP also run twice.

Any ideas before I lose my mind?


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