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Xampp, How do you change file premissions, HELP!

PostPosted: 09. October 2008 12:42
by Jon123
Xampp, How do you change file premissions, HELP!

So i have like this sever installed on my deictaed but like,

I can go to the http://MyIP/ and it will come up with

http://MYIP/xampp/ <Admin Panel

I dont want anyone to be able to see this but on the local host so how do I do that,

If you dont understand what im trying to say is, then if this was a linux sever how would you change the file settings to 666 ETC so people cant see it

"You are unthorized to view this page"


Thanks for everyones Help! :P

BTW im using windows

These XAMPP pages are accessible by network for everyone UNSECURE
Every XAMPP demo page you are right now looking at is accessible for everyone over network. Everyone who knows your IP address can see these pages.

< i wanna change this

PostPosted: 09. October 2008 12:51
by Wiedmann
Read the "readme_en.txt", chapter: "A matter of security (A MUST READ!)"...

PostPosted: 10. October 2008 13:22
by w4vy
move the index.php file from htdocs folder to another folder not in the doc root for 1. as that is a redirect script to the xampp ADMIN directory.

dont delete it but move for safe keeping as you might need that file later as its a good redirect script.

for 2. windows doesn't work like linux, you can't chmod or whatever its called.


EDIT: Also do as the last post told you k m8 via