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installing xampp like a real server

PostPosted: 05. October 2008 19:42
by Paul75

I wonder if it is possible to use xampp as a real server? I mean install on a PC and use it to be filled to an intranet? Es is hard to achieve? Something to do more than the installation?

Thank you

PostPosted: 05. October 2008 20:22
by Wiedmann
I wonder if it is possible to use xampp as a real server?

Exactly that happens if you install XAMPP (it is a real server).

PostPosted: 05. October 2008 20:30
by Paul75
okay, that means that i can use it in my pc and the configuration is simple ?


PostPosted: 06. October 2008 10:32
by glitzi85
In Standard Configuration the Apache Webserver will listen on all Network Interfaces. So just install XAMPP on your Computer, start it and then you can access it from your Network by typing the IP in the Browser or the Computer-Name (in most cases).


PostPosted: 06. October 2008 17:36
by LooseCannon
Consider the security, eg root password.

PostPosted: 06. October 2008 22:08
by stagnate
Is there any documentation which takes you through setting up a server running xampp?? Covering things such as port forwarding and static ip's and then a little on making Xampp secure?

I mean, people must have done it, im guessing its not on the Xampp site so they arnt held accountable for hacked websites...

PostPosted: 07. October 2008 17:41
by w4vy