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Problem with sessions

PostPosted: 03. October 2008 12:27
by thankqwerty
Hi all, I have a simple code that uses session. I have two computers one with XP and one with linux SUSE 10.3, both have XAMPP installed and both are version 1.6.7 (i believe). My problem is that the session works perfectly fine on the windows server, but not on my linux server where the information stored in session is lost when change from one page to another. I didn't change any of the default setting.

Any suggestions??

PostPosted: 03. October 2008 14:03
by Tiddo
a possibility is that the sessions are stored in cookies (session variables are alway stored in cookies or the url). Maybe you have turned cookies off in your web browser on your linuxserver

PostPosted: 03. October 2008 16:20
by glitzi85
Tiddo wrote:session variables are alway stored in cookies or the url

No, Session-Variables are ALWAYS stored on the Server! The only thing transmitted to the user is the Session-ID, which tells the server what Session-File he has to load!

If it is not a Cookie-Problem, please post the session-Settings from phpinfo.