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Extracting the contents of pdf document using PHP

PostPosted: 29. September 2008 22:19
by bogasrikanth
Hi Friends,

I got this pdf document with lot of images and formatting. I wanted to read this document using PHP and then display the same on my web page. How can I do this ? Please please help me out with this.

Looking forward. thanking you.

Best Wishes

PostPosted: 29. September 2008 22:40
by glitzi85

what do you mean exactly? You have an PDF and want to transform it to HTML? If yes, then just search in Google for PDF2HTML, you will find enough programs to do this.


PostPosted: 29. September 2008 22:50
by bogasrikanth
Hey Glitzi,

I wanted to do this in PHP. I wanted to code it using PHP Language.
I need some code for that. How can I do it.

I wanted to do it dynamically.
For example:

A web user wants to read the user manual of a particular thing. He clicks on the link of the thing that he is interested in. Up on Clicking this link he should be able to see the manual that has been read by PHP in the back.


PostPosted: 29. September 2008 23:14
by glitzi85
OK, you want to parse PDFs with PHP and just put out the content.

In PHP itself there is no such function. You either have to search google if somebody ever programmed such a function or you have to use a programm on OS-Level and call this Program with system() or exec(). On Sourceforge there is an Experimental Program called pdftohtml:
You would have to compile this on your Computer, then running it from PHP and forward the created Ressources to the user.


PostPosted: 29. September 2008 23:19
by bogasrikanth
Hi Glitzi,

Thank you so much for the link. I will look in to this and get back to you.

Does this s/w provide with the calls needed for me ?