Running Forum. enabling mod rewrite in xampp

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Running Forum. enabling mod rewrite in xampp

Postby !DSeva » 28. September 2008 18:46

Running Forum. enable mod rewrite in xampp.
and solve all you errors.

apache uses htaccess’ to protect directories.
I find the default installation of xampp a bit of lacking it.
Thought it’s only because I do have with me the lite version of it (xampplite).
But I have with me a full installed xampp better yet check it.
So I did a little poking into configuration file of apache that came bundled with it.
This is what I found out. By default mod_rewrite module is not enabled by default so I took the following steps.
To enable mod_rewrite in xampp first go to the directory of installation <xampp-directory>\apache\conf and edit httpd.conf. Find the line which contains
#LoadModule rewrite_module modules/
uncomment this(should be):
LoadModule rewrite_module modules/
Also find AllowOverride None
Should be:
AllowOverride All

Regards: !DSeva
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