Hello! Problems with my webpage!

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Hello! Problems with my webpage!

Postby snurex » 28. September 2008 08:55

Hello Guys!
Well i have a big problem with my webpage when i type http://localhost works fine to me but i made a server and i want to put it on.

So, i decided to use no-ip and when i type http:xxxxmyserver.com still works but no one is possible to connect with it.

Is anyone know why does this happen?
I opened my doors in "windows firewall" and unblocked my personal firewall even doing all this stuff not working yet...

Im xp user ( Home edition ).
Please help me.
I need to know why the pepoples cannot acess my webpage.

Best Regards

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Postby Mumuman » 28. September 2008 20:45

Is there a firewall bethwene your PC and the internet?
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Postby snurex » 29. September 2008 00:14

yeah but even turning off the firewall i still got problem ppl's cannot acess my site neither join to my website.

So please what would i do i really need some hint to put this on.

Thanks a lot

Best Regards.
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Postby glitzi85 » 29. September 2008 11:27

Do you use a Router? If yes, you have to forward Port 80 to your Computer.

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