Parameter $_get and $_Post

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Parameter $_get and $_Post

Postby noscollections » 26. September 2008 13:15


I'm using XAMPP : ###### ApacheFriends XAMPPlite (default package) Version 1.6.2 ######

I have install it on win2000. It work pectly from this machine, and other win2000 machines.

At home I use the same Xampp version on vista. No probleme, I use it from the same PC.

Last week, I have install an other PC on my Home LAN. I try to access Xampp.
If the first test look good. //myXAMPPipSERVERadresse/ show me the Xampp home page. That good. I 'm going ti phpmy admin, I access to my base. I try to creat a new table but when I valid table name and field number, It told me that I write ZERO in field quantity.

When I use my php code, I see that $_GET['sview'] receive no data.

From my Vista (on localhost) that work, but not from the other PC (win2000)

The second strange element is that phpmyadmin told me that cookies are not acepting by my brouser. And verify it, they are accepted.

I have tested to put OFF vista security but the probleme is the same.

I have install my phpcode on internet provider and it work good from the win2000 PC.

Xampp, and vista security are not friends ?

Is any body has the same probleme ?

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