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apache constantly redirects

PostPosted: 06. November 2003 23:34
by rsramirez

i had an index.html in htdocs that performed a basic redirect (very basic)

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<META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" CONTENT="0; URL=/gallery">

and after i took it out, 75% of the time it still redirects to gallery as opposed to going to the index.php in htdocs.

is there an apache cache i could dump?

any ideas?



PostPosted: 07. November 2003 16:48
by MAGnUm
are u using a ISP like AOL, by chance. what they often do is cache websites and serve them up to you. to fix this wait a bit and it should work fine. also if u use or are behind a cacheing proxy server or something like that it might also do it. good luck. if it doesn't resolve it self in a day or 2 they u have other issues.

I heard that...

PostPosted: 12. November 2003 07:06
by chanio
:lol: Hi,
I heard that if you write your address ending with a ? sign you get the page refreshed. Try http://localhost?
They say that as this sign is always used to input content , it must not use a previously stored page from a proxy...
There is something said about problems with updating pages seen in Netscape browsers.