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Upgrading PHP 5 without installing new XAMPP

PostPosted: 18. September 2008 17:47
by Vger
Hi, I have an older version of XAMPP with PHP 4, PHP 5 and MySQL 4. For development reasons I do not want to upgrade to the latest XAMPP with MySQL 5 - I just want to upgrade the PHP version to 5.2.6.

I tried this, by using the PHP 5.2.5 .msi install file from - but this screwed up my whole XAMPP install.

If anyone else has successfully upgraded their PHP 5 version, or knows how to do it, then I'd appreciate their assistance.

Many Thanks - Vger

PostPosted: 19. September 2008 23:49
by Vger
33 views and not one response? Surely somebody here must have had this problem and resolved it?


PostPosted: 20. September 2008 08:44
by w4vy
It's simple m8 but theres a snag to it which is (going from what I have read on the net as I want to do the same thing) However the snag is that to do this you have to delete the old files from whatever version of php you have already in the php folder and then replace with the files from the zipped php 5.2.6 (in our cases), reason being I read that the extensions and dll's from php 4 won't work with php 5 and so on. I haven't done this myself because of the other folders inside the php folder like zend optimizer and browsecap, DB and so on. Hopefully you will try it and let me know or someone else here will add to what I have put.

Regards, w4vy

p.s. am I right in thinking forum that if I just delete the files and folders for the current php and leave the other folders inplace and then once I have unzipped the new php into the php folder everything will be ok ?

Plz let us both know thank you

PostPosted: 20. September 2008 14:33
by Vger
As XAMPP can switch between PHP 4 and 5 the dlls should not be a problem for PHP 4, although the version of Zend Optimiser may be a problem.

Your idea will not, I think, work - which is why I asked for advice from someone who has done this successfully.


PostPosted: 20. September 2008 18:29
by w4vy
dude I was just using php 4 and 5 as examples, but believe me dll's for 5.2.5 are most likely not the same as 5.2.6 as they are for 4 and 5 I presume because it even says so on the php site that you must not mix up dll's and whatnot from different versions of php.

Now I have Successfully upgraded phpmyadmin to the latest build and also mercury mail and MySQL. All I have left to do is PHP and then eacceleartor and zend. I think Browsecap is the same and also DB but I will be reading more on the net which is what I suggest you do.

Regards, w4vy ;)

EDIT: Not to mention I have also changed perl to ActiveState and that also is working 100%

Now fair enough I am not a pro but I am not a noob neither and my first post did say that I had read these facts about php from a php site so don't dismiss my comments like you did. just remember 33 views and I was the one to answer you.

EDIT 2: come to think of it doesn't your xampp folder have a php folder and then a php 4 folder inside that folder ? and whats inside that php4 folder ? dll's and whatnot ? for ? php4 and not php5 ?

lol top marks for winding me up this evening anyway , I hope you sort your problem out and I'll let you know when I have done mine k.

PostPosted: 20. September 2008 18:43
by Vger
My response was based on this comment of yours:
I read that the extensions and dll's from php 4 won't work with php 5 and so on

I am well aware that dlls for one version of PHP 5 aren't suitable to use with another, but you seemed to be linking PHP 4 dlls with PHP 5 dlls.

I am no beginner either, and I know that I could resolve the problem by installing Apache, PHP, MySQL and phpMyAdmin as separate entities quite easily. And for a long time that's what I did, using Xitami.

But for years now I have prefered to use XAMPP which is a full-featured Intranet server, and which allows me to set up things with the same features as online hosting for testing purposes.

There was no disrespect intended - I was just hoping to hear from someone who had done this successfully rather than someone who is in the same boat as myself.


PostPosted: 21. September 2008 16:49
by w4vy
yes thats why theres a seperate folder for php 4 files inside the php folder