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apache and mysql default not running

PostPosted: 17. September 2008 09:51
by fsas
I installed XAMPP because I started developing a website and wanted to run a local version.

It works fine, but:
If I start the pc, automatically both Apache and MySQL are running, according to the XAMPP control panel. Since I just need them once and a while, I would like the default to be "stop" so that they are not running when I start up the computer and I can "start" them (via de control panel) if I need them. Is there a way to achieve this?
Sorry if this is a basic question, but I know virtually nothing of this field and could not find the answer in other postings

PostPosted: 17. September 2008 11:21
by w4vy
you need to press the "scm" button on the xampp control window first of all and type in your Admin password if asked to do so. Once the Service window has openned you will see a list of running and not running services, apache will be near the top as it begins with the letter "A" Right click the apache service and choose properties and then choose start-up type and change from Automatic to Manual and then do the same for the MySQL service further down the list of services. Hope that helps.

Regards, w4vy

PostPosted: 18. September 2008 00:52
by Quackstar
i actually use an older version, but can't you just uncheck run as service right next to apache and mysql?

PostPosted: 18. September 2008 21:13
by w4vy
when I tried that they just kept on restarting so have a go and see what happens. also each xampp I have used has the button I was talking about , its the top right most button under the tool bars buttons on the xampp controll window ok