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xamp on vista ultimate

PostPosted: 17. September 2008 07:04
by charlesp
Will xamp run on Windows Vista Ultimate? I installed it and the server was running but the page I tried to display on localhost output the code instead of php configuration. ie, <?php phpinfo(); ?>

What could the matter be? I aalso tried to uninstall it and everything was removed except for a mysql file which has the port tied up. I tried to install MySQL as an independent program and it could not start. Does anyone know how to uninstall the mysql folder? It says I don't have permission to uninstall it but I am logged on as administrator.

PostPosted: 18. September 2008 00:32
by glitzi85
Yes, XAMPP should run under Vista.

It sounds like you tried to uninstall XAMPP while MySQL was still running :?

Restart your Computer, then delete the MySQL-File. Look in the Registry in this directory: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services for an Folder named MySQL or something similar. Delete this folder! Restart your Computer again! Now try to install XAMPP again and do not delete everything just because it is not running.

I have no Vista, but is there still this damn setting to hide the extension of known file types? If yes, disable it! Then you will see what you made wrong.