winmysqladmin.exe access violation

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winmysqladmin.exe access violation

Postby nvision » 15. September 2008 16:08


After installing the latest XAMPP for Windows

When I restart my laptop I get winmysqladmin.exe access error. I have to force quit that process.

When I go into the XAMPP control panel mySql is running and I am able to use PHPmyAdmin. MySQL works but if I click on the admin panel in XAMPP then the winmysqladmin error returns.

I have tried to unintstall and reinstall but no luck.

Previously, I had xampp-win32-1.6.5 installed and had this same issue. I never resolved the problem I would just force quit the winmysqladmin.exe process.

One more thing - some time ago I had installed Apache2triad but that was removed - could this be the problem?

Can you please advise?
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My fix

Postby jimt » 03. October 2008 12:24

When trying to use the Winmysqladmin, I would get an access violation error message and I would have to shut down the process manually from the Task Manager. What I did to fix it was rename the my.ini file in the Windows directory and then started Winmysqladmin from the Xampp control panel. I was asked to provide a username and password and a new my.ini file was created and no more popup error messages.
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which ini file?

Postby nvision » 03. October 2008 15:18

Thats exactly what is happening too me.

Which ini file are you referring too?
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Postby martcol » 05. October 2008 18:55

I have exactly the same problem here. I have XAMPP on an XP machine but I just can't get up and running on my new Vista laptop. The only thing I have done to try and fix it is to uninstall and reinstall. That's the limit of my technical expertise.

I am hopeful for an easy fix...


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Postby Sharley » 05. October 2008 23:57

martcol wrote:...I am hopeful for an easy fix...

I found many fixes, depending on various situations the error occurred, using these search criteria:

Keyword: violation
Keyword: winmysqladmin

Forum: XAMPP For Windows

Category: Apache Friends In English

BTW, winmysqldmin is deprecated and really should not be used, some of the above search results may explain this with possible alternative solutions.
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Postby nvision » 06. October 2008 14:57

I've upgraded to the latest XAMPP, Isn't winmysqladmin part of that installation?
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