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Perl files not found using cgi-bin

PostPosted: 13. September 2008 20:44
by pms
I have a problem running XAMPP and virtual hosts.

a perlscript at my local xampp server:

isn't found, but it is there. (I get a 404 error)

If I change "cgi-bin" into "cgi" and try to execute it using:

the script works correct!

Can anyone tell what I should do to make it work?


PostPosted: 19. September 2008 09:56
by glitzi85
http://localhost/cgi-bin/ is mapped with an alias to the xampp\cgi-bin Directory. Either you put your CGI-Files into this Directory or you call them *.cgi and put it into htdocs directory. The normal behaviour of XAMPP is:

- All Files located in xampp\cgi-bin are executed via CGI and reachable via http://localhost/cgi-bin/filename.anything
- All Files named *.cgi and located in xampp\htdocs are executed via CGI and directly reachable via http://localhost/filename.cgi

I have no clue what happens if you create a cgi-bin folder inside htdocs, but it looks like the Alias wins ;-)