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Apache and MySql running but localhost is timing out...

PostPosted: 13. September 2008 04:04
by da233
A little backstory:

I installed xampp and DTX onto my usb flash drive on another computer earlier today and everything was working fine, however, when I came home to try it, it no longer seems to be working.

My DTX control panel DOES show apache and mysql to be running, however when the browser window pops up to load the localhost page, the connection just times out.

Any idea how to fix my problem? Any help would be appreciated, even if you're not 100% sure it would help me :)

PostPosted: 13. September 2008 04:07
by da233
By the way, not sure if this is of any importance BUT, the computer I was working on when I installed xampp and DTX to my flash drive was Windows XP, and my home PC is Vista Ultimate.

PostPosted: 13. September 2008 04:50
by da233
Okay, this is interesting:

I AM able to access the xampp mainpage when I type in my ip address manually ( And yes, I changed it to port 6060 intentionally.

Any idea why it's working when I type my ip manually but not working automatically after I start the DTX control panel? (which simply tries to connect to localhost address)

I'd just like to remind you that all of this DID work on the PC that I originally set xampp up with (a windows xp machine), but when I brought my usb flash drive to my home PC (Vista), I have this problem

EDIT:So to sum up the problem simply: I can connect to the xampp mainpage when I type in my ip address but not when I use localhost

Edit 2:It also seems to work when I type in

PostPosted: 13. September 2008 08:00
by da233
Well, I solved the problem by editing my windows hosts file: localhost
::1 localhost

I just deleted the ::1 line

I really hate messing around with windows files so I HOPE this solution is safe and will not cause any sort of weird DNS problems with other applications on my computer. If anyone has any idea about that, please let me know.

By the way, thanks for all the help so far! :lol: