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Problem with file upload

PostPosted: 12. September 2008 10:21
by t0ny
I have made a fileupload script in php, but i can't make it work on my xampp. I know the script should work cause several friends tried it on their servers and it worked fine(one eve use xampp!). All configs is standard value after the installation, but aint working.

As far as i can see it does'nt even create a temp file in the temp directory when i try to upload my file. And $_FILES['userfile'] does'nt have any data stored, compleatly empty.

My site project has been delayed a couple of week due this problem now, please someone help me!.


PostPosted: 19. September 2008 10:07
by glitzi85

could you please post the PHP-File here? Also you should try to put this two lines at the beginning of the file and then try again:

Code: Select all

In $_POST you should see where the Temp-File is created!


PostPosted: 19. September 2008 12:13
by Nobbie
And please, also show us the source of the HTML Form which triggers the upload.