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Java for Tomcat... which one?

PostPosted: 12. September 2008 03:04
by Galdhrim
I searched for the recommended java, and I didn't find it... I looked at SDK version, but inside that area, none is named "sdk", and there are so many "flavours" I can't decide which one do I need...

Java_EE with JDK?
Java_EE without JDK?

Java EE says it has things to develop and work with servers... one of the JDKs say it has things from EE...

PostPosted: 13. September 2008 21:25
by Galdhrim
I installed Java_EE with JDK, and foud it didn't install a JRE for my browsers (usually, JDK installs JRE too). So I had to install JRE too. I am not sure if this is the right way to handle the problem, but since I have not found any hint...