How to view a mysql database??

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How to view a mysql database??

Postby bluem » 10. September 2008 03:34


I installed xampp on my computer and I am able to get into the phpmyadmin control panel...I would like to know how to view info about an existing mysql database...

We had a workstation collecting test info and the there are three files created; testinfo.frm, testinfo.MYD, and testinfo.MYI.

I copied all files to the following directory: C:\xampp\mysql\data\mysql however when I opened phpmyadmin I was not able to see the database listed. Is something to do to add the database or a command to run? I really appreciate the help on this matter since I need to be able to view the database and pull some data from it.

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Postby glitzi85 » 10. September 2008 10:22


inside the data folder you should have several folders. Each folder represents one Database. If you copied your files into mysql, you added the table to the MySQL-Database. You also can just create a new folder in the data directory and put your files there. After restarting MySQL you should have a new Database with the name of the folder you created.

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