Filezilla server! users created but what URL's to give them?

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Filezilla server! users created but what URL's to give them?

Postby hotdogs » 09. September 2008 09:45


I have been using XAMPP for windows for a few months now and it is fantastic!

Now that I am hosting other peoples' web sites, I would like to give them FTP access so they can continue to edit the sites on their own.

I have setup and configured the included Filezilla Server with 2 new users, including passwords and restricted paths to their websites, but... how do I give them access to those password protected folders/sites from the outside?? Do I need to create some sort of URL (like ?? Obviously if they could FTP into the site through any popular FTP client that would be great. What do I have to do??

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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Postby glitzi85 » 11. September 2008 11:34


i never used FileZilla-Server, but you must be able to configure somewhere on what IP Address the Server should listen (i think by default it listen to all). You then can either give them this IP-Address, or any Domain which is pointing to this IP-Address. You can also create a special subdomain for this purpose, but it is not necessary.

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