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problem with curl + https but not with http

PostPosted: 09. September 2008 01:25
by jorgead69

I have this problem:

I have installed XAMPP and configured it with curl. It works very fine with http:// but I could not use curl with with all https://

For example:
I tried to send POST to my https://localhost/test.php and it works fine because I can use $_POST and receive my variables in https://localhost/test2.php, but when I try to send to another server It does not work.

Please help me.

Note: forgive me if I have some mistakes, because I am learning English now.

PostPosted: 09. September 2008 08:40
by glitzi85
What other server are you talking about? Maybe this server is not configured for SSL Connections?


problem with curl + https but not with http. Help, please

PostPosted: 09. September 2008 17:42
by jorgead69
Hello again.

I have tried to send POST variables with XAMPP and CURL to another https site. When I try with my own site sending POST variables from https://localhost/test.php to https://localhost/test2.php all work very fine, but when I try to send POST variables to other external site It does not work. The other one is a commercial site and is working well and it has SSL activated. I donĀ“t understand what is wrong in my site.

In advance thank you very much for the help

PostPosted: 09. September 2008 19:00
by glitzi85
OK, i never worked with curl, but "not work" is not an error description. You tried to invoke the curl_error function to determine whether there is an connection error while connecting to the remote site?



PostPosted: 09. September 2008 23:14
by jorgead69

I made a program with PHP and I used the PHP CURL library. With it, you can send POST variables as if you were using <form name="form1" method="POST" action="process.php" > but you don not need that. The reason is that all the information is totally invisible. You can not see the code in the client side and you can not know where the information is sended (is useful for credit card numbers).

The problem was resolved. Thank you. The other site with SSL received the data, but they inmediately review them and some data had not the correct format established for the company. The problem was that their system do not inform anything and I did not know that they had received the information

really thank you very much for your interest.

If some of you want knowing something about "CURL", I can send information to you. It is very interesting and useful.