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<form> tags won't send data after submission.

PostPosted: 28. August 2008 01:51
by sP00N2
I transferred some working php pages over to a new xampp installation (latest version) and when ever i submit a form it wont carry over the data to the next page. Any ideas on how to fix this?

PostPosted: 28. August 2008 11:40
by Nobbie
It carrys over - but your php script relies on very very old "register_globals=On".

The variables of your form are *not* transferred as $name for example, but as $_POST['name'] or $_GET['name'] (depending on method type).

$_POST and $_GET are arrays which contains the variable values.

Either set register_globals = On in php.ini (what is *not* recommended, as register_globals is not any more supported from PHP6), or change your script as mentioned above.

See ... ternal.php for detailed information.