mysql user problem

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mysql user problem

Postby assainator » 26. August 2008 12:10

instead of giving the root user a password i just deleted them.
problem: now i can't acces phpmyadmin anymore or connect to mysql.
i tought: i just reinstall that might do the trick. no, it still doesn't work.
i know that there were 2 root acounts and 1 other. but i forgot the other name and it's password. can anyone tell me it's name and password?
or a way to solve this problem?

o by the way: this is the message i get:
phpMyAdmin tried to connect to the mysql server but the server refused connection. check the host, username and password in and take care that the data is the same as you got from the mysql administrator

(problem: there is no file anywere in the xampp folder)

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Postby Wiedmann » 26. August 2008 12:18

You can copy the files from:


(stop MySQL first)
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