Some php won't run on Xampp that run on Webserver

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Some php won't run on Xampp that run on Webserver

Postby docweathers » 21. August 2008 21:06

I am developing a Joomla 1.56 web site using the Xampp 1.66a server. Occasionally some feature or extension does not work on Xampp but when I upload it to my web server, it does work. I am using JoomlaCloner to upload my site. JoomlaCloner replaces all the Joomla files and completely rewrites the mySQL database. Thus, the local and server side sites should be identical in all respects. But, obviously there is something different. I would suspect something different in the PHP configuration. Can you give me any clues what I might change on my Xampp server to make the site work as well there as it does on the shared web server.

Thanks Larry
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Postby glitzi85 » 21. August 2008 22:11

You have to know what exactly is not working to know what settings you have to change. There are so much settings in php that it is impossible to guess which one could cause your errors.

If you have access to the php.ini used on the public webserver you could download this file, adapt the paths and replace it with the one provided by XAMPP.

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