Trouble Configuring Apache in Windows

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Trouble Configuring Apache in Windows

Postby Audioicon » 21. August 2008 04:48

Hello everyone, this is my very first post in this forum. I'm very new to Apache. I'm currently learning PHP and need to install Apache on my computer to create a local sever for testing my pages.

I'm reading the book PHP Solutions - Dynamic Web design Made Easy, by David Powers.

I have configured the httpd.conf as instructed by the author but when I tried to save the configured file, I get the following error message.

cannot create the C:\program Files\Apache\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\conf\httpd.conf file

I installed Apache in the default directory chosen by Windows during the installation process.

The book seemed helpful but does not cover recent software updates and this can be confusing.

I have heard very conflicting reports regarding all in one packages like XAMPP and that it's not endorsed by PHP.

Any ideas? Also is there a step by step guide that walks you through these installation process? I'm currently searching other areas.

For not I cannot save the httpd.conf file in windows Vista.

Thanks for your help and patients.

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Postby w4vy » 21. August 2008 13:44

dude it says on the page you got xampp from and also while your installing xampp if I remember rightly that you have to install xampp into the top level of your drive because of vistas UAC So try uninstalling it an reinstalling to C:/xampp/ and you should be fine m8.

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