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phpBB3 on vista

PostPosted: 19. August 2008 16:35
by pfowighz
Hello everyone...
WELLDONE to the creators of xampp....very cute piece of software... ive really been searching the whole world wide web for this but i have NOT seen this...

...ive been trying to install phpBB3 on my vista home premium (in vain)!!!

...ive been hitting loads of hurdles but i think im finally getting to see the light at the end of the tunnell... problem now is how to turn config.php to 666 mode so install/index.php could run!!!

...i use Mozilla fireFTP ftp client and FileZilla (comes with xampp) ftp server...

...when i connect to localhost via filezilla and fireftp and try to change the premissions for config.php...i get a

504 Command not implemented for that parameter : /666 config.php

ive tryed disabling UAC and sharing the folder...EVERYTHING... in VAIN!!!

can someone who has Installed phpbb3 on vista wiv localhost please give me a WALKTHOUGH as to how he got his done????


PostPosted: 20. August 2008 10:31
by pfowighz
hey isnt anybody out there that can save a soul?????

or is there any other ftp client i could use that anybody has used (successfully) while installing phpbb3??????

PostPosted: 20. August 2008 12:17
by Nobbie
>or is there any other ftp client i could use

No. The reason is, that Windows dont know anything about "chmod 666" etc. - this is for Linux only!

Ommit that part of installation instruction for Windows - simply ignore it.