always i get this prb

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always i get this prb

Postby ookangzheng » 16. August 2008 01:27

i now using windows xp sp3, but i use symantec endpoint protection, my windows firewall alrealy off, just only symantec endpoint protection protec my pc ......

i use xampp lastest version. but when i restart or i off my pc and open next time, all the module can start only mysql.. why like this??

in that symantec endpoint i alrealy create a rule to allow that apache and mysql traffic.....

why ?? please reply me fast plssss. i very need to use my pc to do server ... thank
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Postby glitzi85 » 20. August 2008 23:47

Try to start MySQL over command line (xampp\mysql_start.bat), there it is possible to see the error messages.

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