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flash to PHP contact form not working on localhost

PostPosted: 15. August 2008 08:56
by dpcdpc11
hi everyone.. i'm new here and this is my problem:

just made a flash based contact form that sends the data to a php file which should be sent by the server to an email address...

it seems there is some issue with my XAMPP settings or something cause the form is correctly coded and the flash file as well...

and after installing XAMPP and then activating all the components including SMTP the form still doesnt work... it just says: "an error has occured please try again" and down in the statusbar says: "transfering data from localhost...'
it seems something blocks the email from being sent from my local host... do i need to change something in the firewall[i'm using the default windows firewall]?? or is something i need to the SMTP settings??

i could post the php and the AS3 code if some one wants to take a look at it.

PostPosted: 20. August 2008 23:49
by glitzi85
Maybe you have the same problem as this guy: